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A night Soca Warriors want to forget

After sitting in Toyota Park, Chicago, last Wednesday and witnessing T&T’s pathetic display against the United States in the World Cup qualifiers, I wonder if this country would ever beat the Americans in football.


Money rules the cricket world

Even as West Indies cricket is reeling in the backwash of the battle between the money moguls, English football is suffering from the attention of the “super rich,” who are buying up clubs without having any interest in the development of football or in the effect that the control of foreign money has on the relationship of the team with the home base.

Sewdass nabs 1,143 wickets

Claiming 1,000 wickets in any form of cricket is not an easy.



Football’s historical celebration

Clearly, the joy of celebrating 100 years of football in this twin Island state of T&T should bring the level of happiness similar to any achievement which brings maximum satisfaction to our lives.


Henig remembers Tobago

The 2007 Classic Winner relives his experience

“My best memory of Tobago was ‘winning the race’ !!!!! It was my biggest win of my career.

Sensei Williams gives 38 years to karate

Darryl Williams celebrated 38 years in the sport of karate on September 9.

Positively charming Nikiesha Blake

I can’t help but smile as I write this story, and I am convinced that even with the Webster or Oxford Dictionaries on my side, words cannot begin to describe Nikiesha Blake.

The mixed signals within sports

Linford Christie was in T&T last week for sponsored appearances in Mayaro and other parts of the country. Jamaican born Christie, 48, is a former world class athlete, and the only British man to win Olympic, World, Commonwealth and European 100 metres gold medals.

Chess can checkmate Alzheimer’s disease

Double Rooks has written extensively about the beneficial role that chess can play in the education system, about the special advantages the game confers on the developing minds of school-age children.

Great exposure for local amateur golfers

In recent times, several of the country’s amateur golfers have had the opportunity to play in international tournaments all across the globe.

Linford Christie says: TT’s Richardson is a future Olympic star

Mark the name Michael Richardson down as a future T&T Olympic star.










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