Monday 22nd September, 2008

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Anand Ramlogan updated 21/09/08

In the midst of all the doom and gloom, crashing financial markets and slap in the face of the law by the Prime Minister (who transformed a cultural show into a PNM rally), a ray of hope broke through the dark clouds last week...

Dana Seetahal updated 21/09/08

Media reports on the passage of the Bail Amendment Bill through Parliament have, in some cases, not been reflective of either the existing law or the differences in the proposed law...

Derren Joseph updated 21/09/08

Through a project of the Morris Marshall Foundation, I met Terrence Caesar. What interests me about Terrence is that he is committed to making a positive difference in his chosen area, which is working with young people...

Dennis Pantin updated 21/09/08

September 12th’s thinly disguised PNM mobilisation of proto storm-troopers, together with its failure to seek any type of permission from either police or mayoral office, is a worrying sign that Patrick Manning could be heading down the road of a Forbes Burnhamesque “paramountcy of the party” philosophy...

Denzil Mohammed updated 31/08/08

Four years ago, I was barred from using a particular, nigrescent word no matter the reason. It was a rule I just had to accept...

Lennox Grant updated 21/09/08

At least one attorney, in the live audience of the law-term opening, was impressed by the performing skills of Chief Justice Ivor Archie...

Martin George updated 21/09/08

Some of us would remember the good old days of Globe Cinema or Strand, where you would have attendants walking around with a counter trying to get an estimate of attendance, and they would be pressing the small counter in their hands, click, click, click, as they tallied the numbers...

Simon Lee updated 31/08/08

Into every life a little rain must fall and it seems in this meeting that I’m caught up in the floods...


Debbie Jacob updated 22/09/08

Three Women must have been the best kept secret in town. Even though the play had a respectable audience at the Central Bank Auditorium, I can’t help but think patrons would have had been lining up for blocks if they had any inkling about just how powerfully entertaining that play was...

Fr Henry Charles updated 15/09/08

It’s difficult at times to evaluate what is meant by the view that we live in a state of moral crisis, or, more seriously (and ominously), amid a state of moral collapse. Of these two positions, I think we can safely discount the latter...

Prakash Persad updated 22/09/08

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction is a well-know law in classical mechanics. It is used by physicists and engineers to design space rockets as well by the 100-metre sprinters...



Dr David E Bratt updated 16/09/08

That was a depressing week, what with the murder rate...

Pastor Clive Dottin updated 16/09/08

Any time gangs can decide who lives where, and they can intimidate people to the point where they leave their homes—vowing never to return—that is a tragedy unlimited.




Clevon Raphael updated 17/09/08

The Opposition may have “lost” the no-confidence vote in Prime Minister Patrick Manning, but a dispassionate assessment of Friday’s disgraceful events outside the Parliament told an even more frightening and poignant story.

Tony Fraser updated 17/09/08

One of the major concerns that has arisen out of last Friday's motion of no-confidence in Prime Minister Patrick Manning and his Government is his seeming intolerance to criticism directed against him and his wife.



Sat Maharaj updated 18/09/08

When one hears the term “caste,” images of Hindu discrimination are conjured up in the mind.

Leela Ramdeen updated 03/07/08


Greater Caribbean This Week updated 21/07/08


Bhoendradatt-Tewarie updated 04/09/08



Peter Ray Blood's Pulse Column updated 19/09/08

Blame it on my mood of melancholy this past fortnight but I’ve decided to depart from the usual joie de vivre of this space for today and focus on more serious matters.

Selwyn R Cudjoe upadted 19/09/08

Last week’s article drew some interesting comments.

Gillian Lucky updated 19/09/08

At a time when there is constant and legitimate complaint that many who hold high office appear ill-equipped to perform their respective tasks, it is a great relief to know that there are a few good men and women who are prepared to act independently without fear and with tremendous fervour at the helm of their respective institutions.



Attillah Springer updated 20/09/08

The mangrove did not die in vain, if now we can go and see ourselves on the screen at MovieTowne.

Gail Alexander updated 20/08/08

Any plans by Finance Minister Karen Nunez-Tesheira to use yesterday’s Finance Bill debate in the Lower House as a “trial run” for her spotlight moment in Monday’s budget presentation were delayed.

Lisa Allen-Agostini updated 20/09/08

My long-time riding partner Nikki come home the other day from the cold, looking good and acting better. She bring a book for me and tell me I have to read it, how it go change my life.



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