Tuesday 16th September ,2008


Pastor Clive Dottin

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  • We must not fall for decep-tive optimism.
  • Gangs have proactive suc-cession.
  • Innocent people are being targeted.

Any time gangs can decide who lives where, and they can intimidate people to the point where they leave their homes—vowing never to return—that is a tragedy unlimited.

When gangs can tell an extended family that everybody must die and die painfully, then they are winning the battle. Why do we allow these thugs to rule our lives and call the shots?

They call the shots outside the prison walls and inside the prison walls. They have satellites in America who call the shots from Uncle Sam’s territory. They have satellites in Colombia who demand body parts to evaluate loyalty.

When grandchildren are growing up in a world where shocking disclosures await them and where they will eventually discover that they are fatherless, that is tragedy unlimited.

While we wish to live in perpetual hope, we must not fall for deceptive optimism. Deceptive optimism is hope based on misinformation. It is a kind of hypnotism that hijacks your sanity, making you feel that you are safe when you are on the brink of severe danger.

We have a battle on our hands and we have no choice, we must win. Yes, we are losing now, but we have to decide to win. Let us face a recent fact: the pastor/police debacle could never enhance the image of the Police Service. This was as shocking as it was painful: police shoots pastor.

We have a battle on our hands, especially since gangs have proactive succession planning. Gangs, like Nokia, understand that the best way to improve an organisation is to multiply products and services and thinking outside the box.

The murder rate is kicking up a storm and polishes the concept that all we are is “dust in the wind.” Our will is being broken by these marauding, full-sized mosquitoes sucking our blood at sunrise as well as sunset.

We have a female taxi-driver missing and then her body is found. Hello there, there is a dangerous trend where women are being abducted in broad daylight. Husbands are looking for their wives and cannot find them. Think of the pain the family of Abbigail Joseph has experienced during the past two weeks.

Sons and daughters are waiting for a parent to pick them up after school, a parent that they may never see except in a coffin; unless there is a miracle where the forces of righteousness overcome the forces of evil.

We need leaders who will inspire our youth to maximise their potential, who will challenge parents to keep hope alive—to keep dreaming, to inject real hope. We need leaders who will engage in real discussions on constitutional reform.

We are a nation under siege, where bonding is limited. We live in a nation where we are raping the forests like intoxicated ruthless pimps. We live in a nation where the truth about our health institutions is concealed.

Some of our real estate developers are plundering our natural resources and the Government and the EMA seem powerless. In fact, the million-dollar real estate honchos literally do what they want, and start projects without approval.

Our independence celebration was marred by tragedy, bodies floating, insensitive hooligans disturbing our peace. Bodies in the forests, skulls under trees, men and women stabbing people. Hired assassins are torturing their victims. Why? How?

These overgrown cockroaches believe that there will never come a time when we would unite and dynamite them. They believe that there will never be a time when plurality will be seen as a blessing and adversarial politics as a curse.

Now is the time for the PNM, UNC, COP, Syrians, French Creoles, Chinese, Indo and Afro-Trinidadians, rich and poor, landlords and the homeless to stand for truth and justice. Capitalists and socialists must find common ground and build a platform to make bandits feel uncomfortable.

The reasons we give for our actions are an exercise in futility. One of the sins is the constant postponing of local government elections. The Government should and must know that you cannot destroy confidence and unite a nation in the fight against crime.

After our confidence has been shattered, we are hearing about a 170-page document. Where did that document come from? Does it contain the term executive president? Would we have a fixed date for elections and mandate that no prime minister serves more than two terms? Would it give real empowerment to local government agencies?

We have a major fiasco called dengue. This is not child’s stuff, this is very serious business, and private as well as public hospitals are trying to grapple with the increasing numbers.

Now it is true that we are indisciplined and this spills over into how we manage the environment. You still see people tossing empty bottles from cars. We clog the drains, we have breeding grounds that we multiply in our immediate environment.

Governance has broken down. There is a collapse that sees innocent people being targeted. So innocent people are uncomfortable while rotten folks are creating a comfort zone for themselves.

It is wrong to be right, and it is right to be wrong. Look at the increasing number of pornographic rings in the community. Again you have the distasteful situation of older men luring young girls into their dirty, destructive events.

But these rings are hooked to other rings including guns, drugs, gambling etc. Then you are shocked almost beyond survival. Some of these men have friends in the Police Service and pay retainer fees for some of the best legal minds.

Responsible citizens who experience constant attacks can no longer anticipate an efficient, dynamic response. This is a tragic and unjust situation. The crooks appear to be able to purchase favours while responsible citizens are almost abandoned.

Beyond Fitun and Natuc, we need help. The PSA appears to be upset claiming a lack of consultation. The society can be characterised as having a networking bankruptcy. It seems difficult to collaborate, to unite to pursue a common goal.

We have to rise above our differences if we are to save our communities from the marauding gangs.

Now is the time to conquer these parasites. It is now or never and faith in God is not optional but compulsory.

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