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The pursuit of infrastructure development and the containment of inflation are the Government’s goals in its 2008/2009 Budget offering.

BG View

Can US-type collapse happen here?

Canada: Reading the 2009 Budget on the Web site of the Ministry of Finance on Monday afternoon, it was possible to get a sense of confidence and the triumphalism in the tone of the speech by Karen Nunez-Tesheira.



Nothing for manufacturers

The captains of industry in the manufacturing sector “felt the blow” of government’s hand as no incentives for the sector’s growth were provided in the budget, said accounting firm PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC) in its 2009 budget overview.

Banker calls for tighter regulation

Regulations should be enhanced to govern high-risk investments by banks and other financial intermediaries, according to Richard Young, managing director of Scotiabank T&T Ltd.

Implement policies to withstand economic shocks

Debt from default threatens to overshadow financial markets in the Caribbean following volatility in financial markets across the world, according to economist Jwala Rambarran.

US buy outs, bail outs could affect Caribbean

At least one Caribbean country is bracing for the possible fallout of the turmoil in the United States financial market that has seen major companies bought out, bailed out and bowing out this week.





The perfect financial storm

Crisis, what crisis? If you were on vacation last week with no access to a computer or the newspaper, you would have come back to work on Monday and wondered what all the fuss was about. In a week that will define global finance going forward.

Alliances & joint ventures

Our previous article dealt with some issues of fit in alliances and joint ventures and how organisations have benefited from such collaborations. It was also stated that the content of these articles is based on KPMG International’s combined research from three sources.

Hope for the rupee?

Asian currencies—with the exception of the Japanese Yen—have been severely falling in value against the US dollar over the past few months.




A roadmap for diversification

A commonly held view is that the presence of an overwhelmingly dominant economic sector such as oil and gas is detrimental to the development of other parts of the economy.



‘Goods only’ EPA consistent with WTO rules

Dr Lorand Bartels, a lecturer in international law and fellow of Trinity Hall at Cambridge University, has advised that it is possible for all, a few, or even one, of the Caribbean countries on whose behalf an Economic Partnership Agreement.

Flight to quality or force of habit?

At the time of writing, US Treasury bills were yielding below 1.0 per cent for tenors six months or less. The three month went from yielding 1.57 per cent on September 11, to 0.05 per cent on September 19. In the same timeframe, the one month dropped from to 1.5 per cent to 0.25 per cent, while the six month slid from 1.45 per cent.







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