Thursday 25th September, 2008


Jub Jub Soap Opera in print

Kiesha gets fooled... again

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Last week's episode: Melanie gets a tongue lashing from Mrs Hospedales and Ryan proposes a dangerous but lucrative offer to Michael.

At Stephan’s House

Keisha doesn’t want to believe what Cher said was true about the love of her life, Stephan.

"What de hell going on Stephan? Wha Cher talkin ‘bout you’se a fruit and who’s dah man in de toilet wid yuh?”

“Girl yuh friend like too much bacchanal, nutting was going on Keisha,” Stephan said, hoping Keisha would believe his lies.

Keisha wants to believe her man for six months is telling the truth but she knows Cher would never make up a story like that.

“Stephan I want to believe you, but when yuh tink ‘bout it, what de ass you doing in toilet wid a man? Cher wouldn’t make dah up. Look if yuh bottom loose yuh better tell meh now cause I eh playing dat shit,” she says as tears well up in her eyes. In the back of her mind, Keisha can’t believe her man could actually be gay.

Stephan, out of lies, begins to put on his charm. Walking over to Keisha, he embraces her and says: “Baby doh cry nah, ah not gay, yuh girl just eh hah no man so she trying to break we up. Dah stink mouth gyal just jealous. I love you girl, I eh go play yuh so, come nah man yuh eh know yuh man awah?”

Keisha is starting to believe what Stephan is saying is true. “Wha I was doing tinking he gay? Besides look at all dis jelly I have, he go give dis up for a hard back man?” she convinces herself.


Cher, having breakfast at Breakfast Shed, is still in disbelief that Keisha went home with Stephan, even after she told her what she caught him doing in the club. Her phone begins to ring.

"Cher dis is Keisha. We need to talk urgently."

Cher finally thinks that Keisha has come to her senses.

"Ok chic, I hope you're not too hurt. You can get over dis bastard," replies Cher.

Keisha rushes off the phone, "Yea, yea, when ah see yuh we go talk nah. Meet me at MovieTowne after lunch nah."

Cher checks her watch, "Alright let meh just finish what I have to do and I go meet yuh."

Keisha hangs up the phone and grumbles to herself, "All dis shit going and stop today!"

Next week: Cher gets an unexpected

response and Michael explores his offer.