Sunday 28th September, 2008


Abducted operator killed

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Relatives of Hayden Ross gather at his home on John Vass Road, Peter’s Field, Chaguanas, yesterday.
Photo: Tony Howell

By Sascha Wilson

“I have a son; I have a son.” These were the last words of dying machine operator Hayden Ross to the police.

Ross, 46, was abducted on his way home after working a night shift at National Flour Mills on Friday. He was taken to the bushes in Carlsen Field, where he was robbed and stabbed more than 20 times.

He managed to crawl out to the main road, where he was picked up by the police. But he died while being attended to at Chaguanas Health Facility.

Yesterday, his relatives were wondering how to explain to his three-year-old son, who celebrated his birthday on Thursday, that his father was dead.

At his John Vass Road home, his nephew Chris Toussaint said about two weeks ago Ross was put on the night shift. Aware of the crime situation, Toussaint said Ross did not like having to travel at nights.

Toussaint said his uncle told police he boarded a car from Port-of-Spain to Chaguanas, and was held up by the occupants.

Describing him as a simple person, he said his uncle wore no jewelry. “I feel they demanded money, but they did not like what they get, because my uncle did not have money.”

Toussaint said he believed his uncle put up a fight. He said someone who heard his uncle’s screams called the police.

Ross was able to tell the police his address and his father’s name. “But, he kept saying: “‘I have a son. I have a son’.”

Toussaint said his uncle had financial problems, but he was putting his life back on track.

“He never even get to wear a new pair of shoes and new shirt and pants, and a Bible he bought to start going to church...”

Investigations are continuing.