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Faye leaves modelling behind for music

She’s a former Miss T&T Universe who says her participation in pageants is now behind her. But sitting across the room for an interview with WomanWise, all pretty, her neck length curly hair in an up-do...


e write

From the editor

I’d like to think that the clear liquid in his drinking glass was really puncheon or something intoxicating...



Girl Guides chief aims to bring new life

To today’s liberal-minded young woman, the above Girl Guide creed may seem a bit of a tall order, not to mention old-fashioned...

Women flock to K Mineral make-up launch

Just say “make-up” and there’s a stampede of well-dressed, very fashionable ladies trying to get to the goods. Woe unto you if you stand between those stilettos and some creme foundation...

derma e line offers relief for problem skin

Even if you are an 18-year-old young woman with perfect skin, it’s not too early to think about ageing skin and all the problems that come with it...

400-plus murders affect us all

With the country’s murder toll reaching historical figures for the year, there are no mechanisms in place to counsel families of murdered victims. CNC3 News Anchor Odeka O’Neil-Seaton explores the impact of loss and the effects on the wider society...

5 tests every woman should get

After attending a health fair hosted by the Evangel Temple at St George’s College, Barataria last weekend, I felt the need to compile this list of tests that may sometimes be painful, but are all too necessary for us women...

3 overriding obstacles to moving forward

The issues that are keeping you stuck can be more effectively handled by placing them under three headings — the past, the present and the future...

Gardener’s guide to shopping Part 2

Today, I would like to tell you about three others, this time in the Santa Cruz and Maraval areas. Again, all three are places where I shop, so I can safely recommend them to you...

Distributor’s products offers evocative smells

In her short life, there seems to be nothing Nalini Mansoor hasn’t done. She’s travelled the world, studied both in England and Florida, and even won the title of Miss Amity at Wayne Berkeley’s Carnival Queen competition. Now she owns her own company, Zahra Lily Ltd, which she operates out of her Westmoorings home...

What women see ...but what men think

We’ve often heard as women that men see us much differently than we see ourselves. But just how much does a woman’s opinion of herself differs from a man’s opinion of her? That’s what WomanWise wanted to find out...

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