Thursday 9th October, 2008

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Anand Ramlogan updated 05/10/08

PM Manning’s allegations that he had special branch officers monitoring the movements of Kamla Persad-Bissessar, because she had a relationship with a member of the IC that was somehow wrong...

Dana Seetahal updated 05/10/08

The Minister of Finance made what I consider to be an amazing pronouncement in her budget statement. She said the Government believed that public transportation was “now reliable and efficient...

Derren Joseph updated 05/10/08

Last Wednesday, the nation celebrated Eid-ul-Fitr alongside our Muslim brothers and sisters. The highlight of Eid for me was visiting a masjid in Carapichaima, on the invitation of my friend, Sheriff Faizool...

Dennis Pantin updated 05/10/08

There was little economics in the three hours and 15 minutes of Trinidad and Tobago’s national budget speech. Here’s why...

Denzil Mohammed updated 05/10/08

I approached this career guidance thing with some trepidation. I’d done it before elsewhere; it was the school I was worried about...

Lennox Grant updated 05/10/08

Over three weeks this year, Haiti took hits from four hurricanes. Meanwhile, political storms raged. It took four months for a prime minister to be appointed...

Martin George updated 05/10/08

The historic defeat last week of the George Bush piloted US$700 billion rescue package by the United States House of Representatives was a telling blow for the Bush Administration and an important object lesson for observers all around the world...

Ira Mathur updated 05/10/08

It’s amazing what stress can do to your body. For some six months I have had the taste of apple cider in my mouth. Doesn’t sound bad for a few minutes, but on a prolonged basis it can drive you crazy.


Debbie Jacob updated 06/10/08

Art is art and science is science and never the twain shall meet. That’s what many people feel. As a matter of fact, most people don’t even want to visualise a connection between disciplines like art and English...

Fr Henry Charles updated 29/09/08

A major component in our uncertain moral climate today is the state of authority. Authority today can no longer expect implicit trust, and whatever power it once had as a social determinant is now quite diminished...

Prakash Persad updated 06/10/08

“No pain no gain” is an expression with which many are familiar. It expresses the formula for success; the verbalising of the need for sacrifice in order to achieve a worthy goal; an enunciation of the ethic of hard work...



Dr David E Bratt updated 07/10/08

A whole generation of children has now grown up believing that they are entitled.

Pastor Clive Dottin updated 07/10/08

Of course, there is an inherent motivation in the title “Dreams conquer all difficulties.”


Clevon Raphael updated 08/10/08

Last week Tuesday night will go down as one of the most disgraceful in the history of the Parliament of T&T.

Tony Fraser updated 08/10/08

What are political parties?



Sat Maharaj updated 09/10/08

Divali is yet another important Hindu religious event developed for the propagation, maintenance and sustenance of Sanatan Dharma.

Leela Ramdeen updated 09/07/08


Bhoendradatt-Tewarie updated 09/09/08





Peter Ray Blood's Pulse Column updated 03/10/08

One of my truly enjoyable moments last week was being able to spend some time with two young people I admire very much—Richard Thompson and Jizelle Salandy.

Selwyn R Cudjoe upadted 03/10/08


Gillian Lucky updated 03/10/08

When a country is facing crisis and all major policies allegedly meant to be in the interest of the people have proven to be nothing more than bad decisions, then it is time for meaningful change.



Attillah Springer updated 04/10/08

This week I am remembering my primary school self.

Gail Alexander updated 04/10/08

It was all back to business—food and inflation—at the close of the Lower House’s 2009 budget debate on Thursday.

Lisa Allen-Agostini updated 04/10/08

Aunty Royal say is harvest time, I should write about harvest. So Aunty Royal, this is for you.





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