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Truck driver by day Parrandera by night

As delicate as she looks, parrandera LaVaughn Oliver-Joseph drives three-tonne trucks and operates cranes with the same ease as she plays her guitar.


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From the editor

How Trini people sensitive so? My phones were ringing off the hook last week when I decided to share my tips for cutting back this Christmas

Writer reaches out to women in Voices

Ava Hutchinson is best known as a music teacher to many of this country’s primary school students. Last week, however, she wore the hat of writer with the launch of her new book Voices Within…52 Facets of Woman.

French explores sights and sounds in book

WomanWise contributing photographer Calvin French will launch his book Calvin French on the Avenue, a photographic ode to the always bustling Ariapita Avenue next week.

Make-up trends for the season

As women, we often strive to look our best all year round, but Christmas is the time we tend to amp it up a bit.

11 safeguards to remember

Very often, we can be careless as we hustle around getting ready for the Christmas holidays. The saying, “To be forewarned is to be forearmed,” is timely and we would be wise to implement some precautions to safeguard ourselves, our loved ones and our possessions.

Shopping picks up in the West

Last week, WomanWise writer Desiree McEachrane went to Trincity Mall to begin her Christmas shopping. This week, she headed west to MovieTowne in search of more Christmas goodies.

Garden shopping

To conclude this year’s guide to garden shopping, today I would like to tell you about three more well known garden establishments in different parts of the country, this time in south, central and north Trinidad.

The no-weight-gain to party foods

We’ve all been there — a glass of eggnog here, a few pigs-in-a-blanket there... before you know it you’ve gone whole hog and kissed your diet goodbye. Just remember: every calorie counts.

RC Golden Girls mark jubilee

More than half a century later, the shield-shaped monogram on the left breast of their uniform shirts remains a virtual brand on their hearts...

If the bra fits

Bad hair days, brows that need waxing, foundation that’s just one shade too light… These can all make a girl lose some confidence. But Emily Lau had an even bigger reason not to feel her best; she felt like her “girls” were too small.

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