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Credit Union scare

After HCU crash, proposed new laws spread dread among unions

Even as Kairi Consultants Ltd, in a study done for Tecu Credit Union, pointed to the “liquidity and insolvency crisis” of the Hindu Credit Union (HCU), Tecu has objected to the Central Bank’s proposed policy document (PPD) containing guidelines for new legislation to regulate the operations of credit unions.

BG View

Keynesian foolishness?

Sometimes I read commentaries in the local newspapers that are so astonishingly removed from an ordinary understanding of reality that I am forced to wonder whether the commentator is living in the same country as the rest of us.



Mixed views

Credit union officials divided on new laws

Credit union executives were divided on the dire findings of a study done by Kairi Consultants on behalf of TECU Credit Union on the likely impact on the credit union movement of the new Credit Union Act proposed by the Government.

TSTT offers broadband for the people

The liberalisation of the telecommunications market has lead to reduced rates, cheap phones and access to technology-at-your-fingertips, if you can afford it.


Show us the money, Mr PM

Apparently, Prime Minister Patrick Manning has finally found religion, again.



Quo vadis?

The title is a Latin phrase which means “where are you going” and it seems an apt question for the economy and the stock markets as we look forward to next year.

Marxism back in fashion

According to a BBC report published on October 20, entitled “Marxism is back in fashion,” a German publishing house has reported that Karl Marx’s seminal works, “The Communist Manifesto,” and “Das Kapital,” have been selling very well since the onset of the global financial crisis.

Capital expenditure revision: Who does it affect the most?

As the global economic crisis continues to gather momentum, central banks and governments across the globe have been fighting to stabilise their economies.


The art and science of successful marketing

Good marketing starts and ends with the numbers.



Oversight of electronic payments

This is the fifth and final article in the series on electronic payments.



WANTED Anti-criminal gang legislation

The chamber has repeatedly contended that acting Commissioner of Police, James Philbert, was off to a good start when he publicly admitted that the Police Service owed the citizens of T&T an apology.

Gaining the edge through safety management

The Safe To Work (STOW) programme is an award-winning initiative of the T&T energy industry to develop and implement a uniform industry-wide system to ensure that the health, safety and environmental management systems of contractors and service companies are robust enough for them to pre-qualify to do business with major companies operating in the energy sector.







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