Tuesday 16th December, 2008

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Anand Ramlogan updated 14/12/08

Speech delivered in commemoration of World Human Rights Day at the annual dinner of the Civil Rights Association.

Dana Seetahal updated 14/12/08

It was a pleasant surprise to see the Law Association, through its council, move on lawyers who, having been found guilty of disciplinary offences, refused with impunity to comply with the orders of the association’s disciplinary committee.

Derren Joseph updated 14/12/08

I am always on the lookout for ideas for articles. My friend Bose had asked me to explore calypso and carnival arts again.

Dennis Pantin updated 14/12/08

No one can accurately predict the economic future. However, it is possible to sketch plausible, futuristic scenarios and then to “tease out” the policy implications. Today the world’s major economies are all in recession. Three scenarios are probable.

Denzil Mohammed updated 07/12/08

Calling all heteros: stand up for yourselves! Stand erect! It’s time for your voices to be heard! There’s a strange wind blowing over this land. A wind of change, but not of the good, righteous, religious kind.

Lennox Grant updated 14/12/08

For the reigning political champions, the old year, as it grinds to a close, discourages hopes, or bets, for less troubled times in the new.

Martin George updated 14/12/08

Two of my best friends, Steven and Michelle, who migrated from Trinidad and Tobago to Canada about 20 years ago, always keep in touch with what’s happening with their dearly beloved T&T.

Ira Mathur updated 14/12/08

It snatched my handsome young brother away almost two years ago on New Year's Eve, (ruining the only night of the year where I have allowed myself since having children to really let rip with a risque dress, and as much alcohol as my body could take).


Debbie Jacob updated 15/12/08

Oh those roads… I dread driving on our roads more than ever and I have one of those cute little Cubes that I sure would like to enjoy driving. For me, driving involves a lot of biting my lip and cringing at what the person in front of me has just done.

Fr Henry Charles updated 08/12/08

Most people today recognise that the creation of an ethical culture is a pressing task for corporations, especially for corporate executives, but we do not to a similar degree hold that the same applies to governments and government executives, indeed to all leaders in all forms of institutional governance.

Prakash Persad updated 15/12/08

The Times recently reported on proposals to revamp the primary school curriculum in the UK. The author, Sir Jim Rose, recommends a whole new approach to learning, moving away from traditional subjects to five general themes.


Dr David E Bratt updated 16/12/08

Perhaps the gallery in Scott Bushe Street in Cobeau Town, a lovely place, high above the street and looking over a small triangular-shaped park where, during the rainy season, fireflies came out to play and regularly lit up the big tree in one corner of the park is the first.

Pastor Clive Dottin updated 16/12/08

We are experiencing one of the worst periods of governance in this republic.



Clevon Raphael updated 10/12/08

I recently received a plea for help from a gentleman who visited me and who gave me what follows below in strict confidence.

Tony Fraser updated 10/12/08

In times of famine, West Indian cricket fanatics can take comfort in the memories of the times of plenty.



Sat Maharaj updated 11/12/08

Minister of Agriculture Arnold Piggott recently, in Parliament, chastised the farming sector for planting crops too close to the waterways.

Leela Ramdeen updated 09/07/08


Bhoendradatt-Tewarie updated 09/09/08


Paolo Kernahan updated 11/12/08

On the first day of Christmas my PM said to me Paolo is bes’ you learn to ban your belly.



Peter Ray Blood's Pulse Column updated 12/12/08

Tomorrow night I head beyond the Caroni plains for some southern hospitality and the opening of We People International’s mas camp, at 110 Jazz and Calypso Lounge, on Cipero Street, San Fernando.

Selwyn R Cudjoe upadted 06/11/08

Leaders in our country claim that they practise Obama-style politics but after thorough forensic analysis, it is clear that this popular catch phrase is merely a spouting of words to add to the already overflowing pot of political propaganda.

Vaneisa Baksh updated 12/12/08

When I was sick and lay in bed, boredom was a challenge, and I would scrounge around my bookshelves looking for ones that had got away, or old faithfuls to revisit.

Gillian Lucky updated 12/12/08




Attillah Springer updated 13/12/08

I feel like I need to issue a disclaimer.

Gail Alexander updated 13/12/08

Former Minister Keith Rowley joked heartily with PNM MP Neil Parsanlal.

Lisa Allen-Agostini updated 13/12/08


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